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Tales from The Warming

"The impact of these stories deeply humanizes environmental change.  So the author has not only written beautiful memorable, touching stories, but raised awareness and concern for global warming.  How many scientists have voiced their findings, only to have those concerns met with apathy!  He’s given voice and clarity to environmental change, something relate-able and human.  I Imagine that people would actually begin to change behaviors after reading this book!" (Diana Oleskow Lubich)


"This book creates great intrigue. Understandably, the reality of global warming is an important topic. Dr. Robinson addresses it in a unique and engaging way. The framework is based on scientific fact, but an emotional picture is developed once the reader delves into the many facets of how climate change impacts us. We step into the minds of characters who face these threats directly; additionally, the stories are told in a way that compels to the reader to understand the underlying effects that we may not consider when thinking about global warming. The character development is solid based on Dr. Robinson’s vivid depiction of each subject." (Robert Hermann)


"Dr. Robinson weaves a web around the reader. He is a really good storyteller! Also, each story is this very readable book is amplified by scientific data that could have easily been vapid … but not in these stories. His premise is well supported. I highly recommended this book!" (Sophie)


"All these stories exhibit in very realistic fashion what will happen to people all around the Earth if we do not try to stop or at least slow or global Carbon Dioxide emissions. As the years pass, the effects of climate change spread, causing the characters to adapt and change as the new climate takes hold.People are beginning to die, and those who have survive find more radical ways to live. What impressed me the most is that nothing unrealistic or from science-fiction was brought into any of the stories. Many of the events that so drastically changed the lives of the characters are events that are happening now: air pollution so terrible that it is killing people, earthquakes resulting from fracking and changes in growing seasons and locations. Overall, a very thought provoking and practical look into our most likely future if we do not begin to change our habits." (Stephanie)

"Tales…tells the readers the world is at a tipping point in climate change. One theme around which the book is built is how humans adapt to climate change; another is the damage and destruction that arises because of global warming. The book offers solid research and moving narratives…. "Starting Over,” Greenland, July 20, 2059," is among the most poignant tales, depicting an American farm family as climate refugees in Greenland." (Peter Verstegen)


"Lorin R. Robinson's "Tales from the Warming" is a collection of 10 short stories that focus on the consequences of global warming. Each story focuses on different characters all around the world in the near future, ranging from the 2020s and ending in the 2050s.
"The main reason I recommend this book is that I think it's a great way to get people to care about climate change. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand how bad things are going to get because for many people those changes are too far away for them to care about. Fiction is a great solution, however, because it allows us to travel into the near-future and live through those situation.
"From human migration and refugees to strong hurricanes and desertification, this book covers a wide range of what the future might look like." (ReadYourselfHappy)


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