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It was a time before time; a time before the Anishinaabe had been renamed Ojibwe by French fur traders; a time before the white race had invaded this vast continent.

For millennia, the Anishinaabe had lived on the shores of the Atlantic near the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Some 1,000 years ago, mystics warned of the coming of pale-skinned invaders who would destroy them.  Many heeded the warning and began a migration westward where they were told to look for safety in a land where, mysteriously, “food grew upon the water.”  (MORE)

Tales of The Warming’s 10 short stories take readers around the world and over time to experience—in human terms—the growing impact of what the author dubs “the warming,” the man-made catastrophe increasing the world’s temperature, raising ocean levels and causing increasingly violent weather. 


The stories—powerful, prophetic and poignant—are thought exercises blending fact and fiction to examine the human impact of the crisis. (MORE)



Dr. Lorin R. Robinson is a newspaper and magazine journalist, photojournalist and journalism educator with B.S. and M.S. degrees from Northwestern University and a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota.

 Among his academic positions, he served as chair of the Journalism Department at the University of Wisconsin—River Falls.  He also has extensive experience in marketing communication with a Fortune 100 company. 

His new book, The 13:  Ashi-niswi (2018), was published by Open Books; his previous work, Tales from the Warming (2017), was also published by Open Books.

Robinson and his wife, Linda, split their time between Lake Elmo, MN; Taos, NM and Southern Baja, MX.


The 13: Ashi-niswi

“A solid story of native interactions—pre-white man—that captures the thoughts, sentiments and determination these young men to regain—at whatever cost—the honor of their band….Readers will enjoy a close inspection of the cultural, psychological and physical landscapes of these original Americans as they struggle to fulfill their destinies and deal with philosophical questions that are as relevant today as they were then…. The story rings with authenticity…. A moving novel, a strong tale that takes historical facts and weaves them into a story…. Wherein lies honor and meaning in life? A question nicely posed and eventually answered in a gripping adventure.”

(Midwest Book Review)








“An engrossing trip through the rocks and waters of the Anishinaabe world long before white culture disrupted the Native American way of life.  Thirteen teenage boys take us on a life and death quest for honor pitted against the enemy Dakota and the unrelenting turns of the natural world.  What price are they willing to pay?”  (Cynthia Bend)

An enthralling story from ‘a time before time’ that engages readers, stirs their compassion and pulls at their heartstrings.  This finely woven and powerful Ojibwe tale is riveting and you will not put it down.” (Kacie Bauzon)

“This story is a believable narrative about conflict, honor, decision-making and the duty of an individual to self, tribe and family that should engross all readers.” (Tracy O’Connell)

“A masterpiece. I was captivated. Totally.  I could not put it down.  Extremely well told, the detail caused me to see the landscape, the people, the battles.  The author mirrored native stories in a native way—through the mind, heart and gut.  (Robert Schepens)

“I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was a quick and short read, and I appreciated that the story wasn’t drawn out or overdone. I kept on thinking about the book the entire next day and rethinking what I had read.”  (Eunice Peng)

"An exciting page-turner. As old as the story may be, it has relevance for the international conflicts in the news today, which often seem to be a matter of honor for some world leaders. A highly recommended read.” (Tom Spradley)

“I loved this story and couldn’t put it down.  The story is engrossing, but I think it will not appeal to everyone.  The violence is difficult to read but necessary; it is not gratuitous.”  –(Judith Burns Schuster)   (MORE)

Tales from The Warming

"Riveting, prophetic.  Impressively well written."

 (Midwest Book Review)

"As important as the science behind global warming surely is, it often helps to provide people with a helpful way to get a handle on the relevant facts and figures. What the author has ably done here is to take that information and set It into the context of a series of stories. That way we get to see how the reality of climate change is very likely to play out in the lives of real people living in different parts of the globe. The stories are projected into the future, but not that far out there, only years or, at most, decades. Like all good stories, these do not really conclude. They are open-ended, inviting further thought and reflection, hopefully leading to action. There is no lecturing; just an artful telling, written with passion and compassion. These are the kinds of scenarios that we, our children and grandchildren are very likely to face…."  (Nick Doversberger)

"Found this collection of short stories unexpectedly moving. It hardly ever sinks to disaster porn or despair. Rather these stories are of real people living in the developing climate changes, some barely coping, some living very recognizable lives by turns sad and sweet, even optimistic.  Just like real life. I guess I should mention that I am a climate scientist, and the author clearly did his homework. Pretty realistic climate underpinnings." (Mike Dettinger)

"An engrossing anthology based on the effects of global warming in a sequence spanning 37 years. They take place in creatively inventive settings around the world that become real as the characters relate to their environment and to each other. He mixes reality with equal parts of history and visions of the future. One of my favorites is the very personal story of Francesca and Paulo in 2032 in Venice as the rising sea level threatens the city's economy, its treasures, its inhabitants and everything about the city its residents hold dear. The author paints lovely (and haunting) word pictures of the city I fell in love with when I visited." (Sandy Phernetton)

"With his creative insights, the author stretches our imaginations as to what is happening and may happen throughout the world in the event the earth’s temperature continues to rise. As a younger reader, I see myself in this world of possibilities. His fictional predictions tie in with what is happening now and, in the past, to foreshadow what our future may hold. Through these short stories from around the world our perspective is broadened. His writing blended suspense and romance and I could vividly see the world as he portrayed it. The characters and events are well depicted.  The detail gives readers a taste of what characters are going through in confronting the impact of the warming." (DuVaughn)  


"I was mesmerized by the engaging storyline. With little time to prepare, the ending came at me in a heart-pounding rush. It was more than well-done, I’d say outstanding. This novel comes heartily recommended to anyone who would like to take a journey back and take in a full breath of early American history."  (Paul Falk, Reviewer)

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